100 All about game DustMan

A little DustMan need your help to survive in cruel world.
His day starts not with coffee but with understanding that his life is between press at his back and trash which is falling from the sky. But not only trash is dangerous, fire and acid could also end his live.

3 special bonuses which could help live longer:
1. Speed — increase DustMans move
2. Protector — destroy trash which could kill DustMan, but cannot protect from acid or fire
3. Scoop — destroy all trash

The game contain 10 levels where you can fight for DustMans live. Each level is harder than previous and could be quite challenging. A short-time game session is one of advantages of DustMan, so you can pass the time when you waiting something or somebody.

All your progress you can share in FaceBook, Twitter or VK. If you want to repost to another social network — just write to us and we will add it immediately.

Online: you can play DustMan online here: Играть онлайн (need to install Unity Web Player).

AppStore: coming soon
GooglePlay: coming soon

How it was created: you can read it here(sorry, only russian) : История развития игры

Game’s art::

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